Charlotte High School: Where School Spirit Meets History

When choosing a community to live in, we know how important the school system is for families. Luckily, Punta Gorda is home to a great education system that attracts families from all walks of life.

Charlotte High School in Punta Gorda

A historic landmark in our area, Charlotte High School is known as Charlotte County’s First and Finest High School. Having first opened its doors in 1926, CHS is rich in history, community support, and tradition. Their unique mascot, the Fighting Tarpon, was chosen as a fitting mascot for Charlotte High School because of the tarpon’s tenacity, survivability, and majesty. Named MOJO, the mascot’s name stands for:

  • Motivation for success
  • Ownership of our actions
  • Journeys through education
  • Optimism for the future

Collage with three pictures, a man playing basketball, a group of people dancing, a football game

Aside from long-standing history and strong school spirit, the high school features Advanced Placement coursework, college counseling and preparation, a robust arts program, a competitive sports program, and more. From top of the line facilities to exceptional staff, many Punta Gorda residents are proud Tarpon alumni and supporters. In fact, various of our team members completed their high school degrees here!

To see just how much school spirit CHS boasts, check out this student video with over 230k views!

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