You Can Still Buy and Sell on Your Terms in Today's Complex Real Estate Market

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It’s no secret that residents from across the country, and around the world, continually migrate to Florida.

As remote jobs become increasingly popular, over 900 people per day are moving to The Sunshine State, according to the Palm Beach County Business Development Board. Our warm weather, lack of state income and estate taxes, and business-friendly climate attract new residents daily.

While our population size grows, the housing supply remains low. Many listing services reveal that less than a month’s supply of inventory is available across a wide range of prices. With increased purchase power for home buyers, alongside Florida’s low-interest rates, demand consistently outpaces supply.

Demand for second-homes and vacation rentals is also contributing to tight inventory. As travel restrictions ease, buyers from domestic and international communities are arriving in search of a getaway home. According to Compass Insights, short term rental property has become a new asset class, with many real estate investment trusts and investment groups rapidly acquiring them. These factors place additional strain on a market already oversaturated with buyers, and put pressure on pricing that is already climbing.

With such complex market conditions, it is no surprise that every day we hear customers say: I want to sell my home, but I don’t know where I would go next or how to navigate the market. In the midst of competitive bidding processes and high prices, many homeowners are sitting on the sidelines, reluctant to sell. This is where having a great real estate agent who can offer creative strategies becomes crucial.

As prices go up and up, more homes are being sold on the market that is not publicly listed. Successful agents, like our own, are able to create private inventory that meets your buying needs. In addition to supplying inventory, our team offers specific solutions that allow you to buy and sell on your terms.

Do you want to sell your home now and move later? Many of our customers know that the time to capitalize on their equity is now; however, the limited inventory has them concerned they will end up homeless. This is why our option to sell now and move later has helped so many.

Perhaps you want to move, but have heard only cash buyers are able to win the bidding wars. We can help you make a cash purchase, even if you need financing.

Does your home need repairs, but you don’t want to cover the expenses out-of-pocket? Compass Concierge allows us to front your costs for repairs, maintenance, and cosmetic improvements with no hidden fees or interest.

If these questions have you nodding your head, we want to connect with you. Our 20 plus years of experience helping families upsize, downsize, liquidate and relocate have given us a variety of options that allow our customers to take advantage of the market, on their terms.

We don’t know how long these market conditions will last, but we do know that now is a golden opportunity in real estate. You don’t have to navigate the market alone. If you are curious about the value of your home or want to learn more about how we can help you meet your unique goals, call us at: 941-205-8478.

Brian Helgemo

The Helgemo Team at Compass Florida

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